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Notice: This project has not been maintained, and probably doesn't work anymore. Contact me if you're interested in becoming a maintainer for it.
Send SMS messages to cell phones from a console.

About SendSMS
If you have an Alltel Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Bell Canada/Bell Mobility, Cellular One, Cingular, Sprint PCS, SkyTel, or T-Mobile cell phone or pager, and you want the ability to send SMS messages to it via a command-line utility, this is what you need. All this program requires is a computer with a baseline Perl 5.x installation and web access. NO EXTRA PERL MODULES REQUIRED!
[This also runs on win32, using ActiveState Perl, although not all features are implemented]

SendSMS: v0.2.4   (12.7kb)    Mar 08, 2006
Latest changes: CHANGELOG

How do I install it?
Simply download & uncompress '', and run it from a command prompt. It will give a usage summary.

How does it work?
SendSMS connects to your service provider's web page and pretends to submit a form to their 'Instant Messaging' web page. Currently, Alltel Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Bell Canada/Bell Mobility, Cellular One, Cingular, SkyTel, Sprint PCS, and T-Mobile are supported. Users are encouraged to modify the provided templates to add support for any providers who are currently unsupported.

Other Service Providers
If you are interested in supporting another service provider please try to modify sendSMS on your own. It is not hard at all. Instructions and examples are included in the code, and if you're familiar with the site you're porting to, it takes about 15 minutes. If you get sendSMS working with any other providers' web sites, please email Paul Kreiner [deacon at] a patch so it can be added to the next release.

List of Contributors
David Caplan: code to support Bell Canada / Bell Mobility
John Carbone: code to support Sprint PCS
Joel Chen: updates to AT&T code
Jared Cheney: updates to AT&T code
Barret Kendrick: code to support Cingular
Manuel Martin: code to support T-Mobile
Tod Morrison: code to support Cricket [deprecated]
Anthony Valley: code to support Alltel Wireless
Paul Kreiner: current sendSMS maintainer, rewrote sendSMS into its present form
Brandon Zehm: bugfixes, SkyTel support, web proxy support, and original sendSMS script

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