1.56 (Sep 8, 2009) - Fixed authentication errors caused by invalid base64 encoding. Thanks for dozens of people who reported this and even submitted patches! Sorry it took me so long to get this fixed :| - Updated authentication code so it would try both AUTH PLAIN and AUTH LOGIN methods before giving up. This should make it even more robust. - Detect " format and it will populate the appropriate fields in the email message. - All messages are now MIME encoded, even simple text ones. This makes the program flow much cleaner. - SMTP Auth is now supported with the -xu and -xp command line parameters. - You can create multi-line messages on the command line now by putting a '\n' into the message specified with the -m parameter. - Always use +0000 for timezone, and get the current time from gmtime() rather than localtime(). - Added some color to the help and documentation if the shell is Bash. - It now aborts with an error message if all file attachments can not be found before connecting to the remote smtp server. Previously if an attachment specified couldn't be opened it would simply send the message without the attachment. - Allow a single custom email header line to be specified with -o message-header=HEADER - Add a -o timeout=SECONDS option so you can set the timeout used for all network reads and writes. - Added ability to specify a "Reply-to:" header with -o reply-to=ADDRESS - Added ability to read message body from a file with -o message-file=FILE - Added a lot of new documentation available via --help TOPIC. 1.42 (June 06, 2003) - It was possible to send bare CR's, so I fixed that now. (Thanks to Jared Cheney for the bug report) - Patch from Jared Cheney to add the MIME-Version field to conform to RFC1521 (made attachments work with more mail clients) 1.41 (Apr 22, 2003) - In some cases bare LF's were *still* getting sent, so I think I fixed it right this time. (Thanks to Buddy Nahay for that bug report and helping me test the fix!) - Fixed bare period encoding (it wasn't working in all cases either) - Changed HTML detection to require the to be at the beginning of a line. Otherwise any email with "" in the message would get tagged as being an html message. (Thanks to John Rouillard for that bug report!) 1.40 (Dec 04, 2002) - A patch from Paul Kreiner (J.P van Oyen also reported a similar fix): "This patch forces the timestamp string to always follow the HH:MM:SS convention required by the RFCs, even if the fields could be represented with a single digit. I also took the liberty of adding a global "timezone" variable at the top, and fixing a couple of typos." - A patch from Reidar Johansen that included several fixes, but notably he included a function called tz_offset that determines what timezone your in. - Fixed the signal handlers so they display a nice message - Added a quit() function - Added a printmsg() function to handle all printed/logged messages - Added a simple openLogFile() function - If running in Win32 it says "CTRL-Z" rather than "CTRL-D" - Applied fix from Yakov Lerner to fix bare period encoding - Check that attachments exist and are readable before trying to open them - Rewrote the connect() function - Rewrote the close/disconnect function - Made the -v option work with any number of -v's - Rewrote the read_server_response() function and renamed it to readServerResponse() - Did a bunch of little fixes so that perl -w won't complain - Redid the whole file logging stuff - now the printmsg function takes care of it, and it's no longer partially broken. - Added a global alarm variable for setting the alarm timeout, and changed it's default value to 60 rather than 15. - Fixed all the exit()'s so that sendEmail should now only exit with an error status of 0 if it successfully sent the email. - Added support for HTML email (Thanks again to Reidar Johansen) - Re-worked the mime-encoding function to work with -w and use strict. - Removed several die() calls in the file attachment process. - Put a fix in place that should cleanly replace any bare LF's with CRLF. 1.33 (Apr 16, 2001) - Fixed some typo's and problems with the logging option regarding the printing of attachment(s) names to the log file. - Fixed several comparisons with null strings. - Lots of little cleanup things. 1.32 (Aug 18, 2000) - Fixed a fairly serious error which in some circumstances would cause file attachments to be corrupted because the mime padding at the end of the attachment was not getting set correctly. 1.31 (Aug 9, 2000) - Totally rewrote all mime encoding code, it should now be 100% MIME/Base64 compliant, and it now opens files in binary mode in win32. This was a much bigger operation than it sounds like ;-) - Now it should work with LARGE file attachments. In v1.30 it had to load the whole file into memory before encoding it, now it encodes line by line so it doesn't use nearly as much memory. - Now checks the message for bare periods and encodes them. - Fixed a bug that would allow text to be printed even if -q was set (and -m was not). - The MIME delimiter is now somewhat random. 1.30 (Aug 1, 2000) - ATTACHMENT SUPPORT ADDED! - Added CC and BCC support, they are now normal command line options. - sendEmail should now work easier in Win32. Win32 did not support the alarm() calls, so I put a check that disables the alarm calls if $^O matches 'Win'. - Added autodetection of mime type on attachments. - Disabled the alarm timer if there are attachments, that way people on modems can send big attachments without getting their upload killed. - Added a -q option for quiet mode - Added a 'Date:' field in the mail headers so messages will show up in the right order in my mail program ;-) - Changed the way you specify a port form the command line now you specify it in the -s option as an optional :port addendum to the server name. - Added -h and --help support. - Updated the help to reflect all changes. 1.22 (Jul 8, 2000) - Removed the 'content-type' and 'transfer encoding type' flags in the email headers, in preparation for a version that will support real attachments. - When piping data to sendEmail often email would have lines ending with just \012 and many email servers do not like this. So I now have \012 replaced with \012\015 in data piped from STDIN. - When piping data as the message it now displays a message for those manually typing in an email. It also changes the 15 second alarm to a 60 second alarm and resets it after every new line. 1.21 (May 15, 2000) - Removed the SIG_ALARM call (gave errors on certain non-slackware distributions) - Added a missing error check that could have allowed sendEmail to say a message was sent successfully when the server had actually returned an error message. 1.20 (May 10, 2000) VERSION OVERVIEW: ----------------- -v option added -vv option added Passing the body of the email via STDIN is now an option Multiple addresses now allowed Logging feature added Terminates itself after 15 seconds to avoid dns hangs etc Lots of small potential bugs fixed and a lot of code cleanup DETAILS: -------- - DEBUG CODE/MODE: - Lots of error messages everywhere - 2 levels of verbosity accessible via command like parameters - Lots more information messages triggered by $debug's value - Fixed a problem which could have caused sendEmail to overlook certain error messages from the email server. - All invalid command line parameters are now reported correctly - Some code comments were written incorrectly, and are now fixed. - Added handler for HUP and ALARM (both kill sendEmail now) - Possible problems with certain email addresses fixed. - Modified date routine to not use a system call. (making it more portable) - Improved command line parsing (preventing a few possible errors). - Thanks to Nick Pasich for help with these patches: - You can now send the body of the email via the -m option as before or optionally leave the -m out and pass the body of the email to STDIN. - Alarm to abort sendEmail if it runs longer than 15 seconds - Multiple 'To' addresses - Option to log to a file - Updated the 'help' page to reflect all changes 1.01 - Fixed a bug in the error/success checking routine which caused sendEmail to report errors when there were none. Thanks to Michael Santy for this bug report. - Added some more documentation in the code. - Added this CHANGELOG file. - Release v1.01