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SSH Server for Windows NT in an Easy to Install Package

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About SSHD for Windows
Do you need an SSHD server for your WinNT boxes, but you don't want to spend hours reading man pages and how-to's trying figure out how to get it working?
You found the right place! I went through all the work and figured out what sshd needs and what it doesn't. After I got a minimal install working on my system, I packaged it up and here it is.


WARNING: This software is very old, and shouldn't be used anymore. Use at your own risk!
I would recommend checking out one or more of the following links: SSH Windows Project, Cygwin,

Depricated: SSHD for WinNT:   (460kb)   Feb 15, 2000
Depricated: Option pack:   (1.8mb)   Feb 15, 2000

NOTE:The usefulness of this option pack is limited! It does include several useful utils, but a lot of them are fairly useless for NT. (sed for example). I am working on putting together a new pack of REALLY useful/free dos utils for WinNT. If you have any cool/useful/free command line utils for NT please send them to me! caspian at

How do I install it?
Simple, just extract the contents of the .zip file to a temp folder, and run 'setup.bat'. Thats it! It will copy the sshd.exe and .dll files to the C:\WinNT dir, install it as an auto-starting service, and start the service. The option pack is exactly the same, extract and run setup.bat

What is the option pack?
It is a collection of linux utils for DOS from the cygnus-gun32 tools package. It includes all sorts of stuff like: grep, ps, kill, bash, ls, cat, etc. In addition, when you install the option pack after the SSHD package, it changes the default shell to BASH instead of the default cmd.exe
If you are interested in more utilities for the command line you may want to check out this page: GNU utilities for Win32

Will it authenticate me off my domain?
Yes! If you can log on to the system at the normal login screen SSH will authenticate you.

Does SCP work with this package?
I still havn't experimented with this extensivly, but I have heard from several people that scp doesn't work. I believe this is because when you ssh into a windows box it spams you with a bunch of text, saying something about being copyrighted by Microsoft(c) and a strange "C:\>" symbol. Anyway, it appears that you can get around this annoyance by doing something like this:

ssh -l user host /c type filename > new_filename


What tricks were there to setting up sshd in NT?
The hardest part of making this package work was getting the default shell to work correctly. By default cygnus's libraries use /bin/sh as the default shell, which obviously doesn't work on WinNT. I tried setting environment variables etc to get it working, but eventually I had to hex edit cygwin1.dll and find the place where it specifies '/bin/sh'. I then changed it to '/cmd.exe'. Thats why setup.bat copies cmd.exe to c:\.
The next hardest thing was getting it to install as a service automatically. Eventaually I got it working using Microsoft's srvany.exe and inserting a .reg file to set it's parameters.

Where can I find out more?
To find out more about this package read the README.TXT included in the .zip file.

SSHD on Windows Links:
Cygwin Project
PuTTY an excelent Windows ssh client.
WinSCP is an excelent SCP/SFTP client for Windows.
Sergey Okhapkin's Unix tools on WinNT
SSH on WinNT

Source for modified SSHD package:
Written by Sergey Okhapkin: ssh-1.2.26-cygwin.diff.gz
Original ssh package available from
Source for Cygwin.b19: (Note this is VERY OLD!)
cdk-src   (20.7MB)
usertools-src   (6.8MB)

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