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Various scripts for monitoring a Linux server's health


These are various scripts to help you monitor the health of a Linux server. They are designed to be run from a scheduled cron job, to log information to the syslog daemon, and put the phrase "OS-ERROR" or something similar when an unacceptable condition is found. Many of these scripts require that you have the script installed in /usr/local/bin so they can log to the syslog daemon.
These scripts are licensed under the GPL.

Feature List:

  • Descriptive output
  • Logging to syslogd (default) or STDOUT
  • returns error status to the system when an error occurs
  • Verbose and descriptive error messages if something goes wrong
  • Multiple debugging levels

Monitor Network
Monitor Disk
Monitor Disk
Monitor File Handle

How do I install them?
1. Download the file above into a directory in your path (i.e. /usr/local/bin)
2. Make sure the script is executable (i.e. chmod +x /usr/local/bin/
4. Run it from a command prompt, it will either give a usage summary or log something to the syslog daemon.

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