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A daemon for monitoring system log files and emailing administrators.


Note: This version of LogDog is depricated!
The new version of LogDog doesn't use nearly as much CPU, and has a much more flexable configuration file.

What is LogDog?
LogDog is a very easy to configure and install system log monitor for watching system log files and emailing administrators when problems are found. Note that LogDog sends email to REAL email addresses, and does not require sendmail to be installed, it uses SendEmail which is also written by me and is included with the LogDog package as of v0.94.4. LogDog has a single configuration file which allows you to easily specify a list of key words to watch for, a list of words to ignore, a list of administrators to email when problems are found.

Latest Version:
LogDog: logdog-   (15.1kb)   ChangeLog

How do I install it?
Simply download 'LogDog', extract the .tar file into a tempory directory, and run the configure script. It will ask you a few questions and then copy the progam and configuration file to where they belong. Running will result in a usage summary. Typically you will just run ' -d' to put it into daemon mode.

Why use LogDog?
LogDog began because I did not want to learn a biger more complex monitoring package like 'mon'. I wanted something simple, flexible, reliable, and small. I couldn't find anything quite like that, so I wrote LogDog. I have been using it on production servers now for several months and it works great. It even pages my cell phone if its after work hours :)

All Versions:
LogDog: logdog-0.94.6.tar.gz   (15.0kb)
LogDog: logdog-0.94.5.tar.gz   (13.2kb)
LogDog: logdog-0.94.4.tar.gz   (8.9kb)
LogDog: logdog-0.94.3.tar.gz   (7.2kb)
LogDog: logdog-0.94.1.tar.gz   (6.6kb)

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