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A Simple Command Line Audio Mixer


Lmixer is a very small command line audio mixer. It doesn't have any of the fancy features of other traditional 'bloated' mixers. It was designed specifically for use in scripts and perl programs, where concise imput and output are an advantage.

Lmixer: lmixer-v1.0.8.tar.gz   (4.0kb)   Screen Shot (and some example usage)

How do I install it?
This is a 'c' program, so it requires a very simple build.

1. $ tar -zxvf lmixer.tar.gz
2. $ cd lmixer
3. $ make
4. $ cp lmixer /usr/bin
You will find out lmixer is EXTREMLY simple, and gives easily parsable output. A typical command would look like this:
lmixer --channel bass --volume 85

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