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A SuperKaramba theme to provide a MacOS-X like menubar, a rolling Kicker.


Kroller is a python extension to SuperKaramba that produces a MacOSX-like menu bar. Kroller requires KDE and SuperKaramba to be installed.
Kroller is licensed under the GPL.

Latest Release: kroller-v0.95.tar.gz   (249kb)   Screen Shot
Kroller's entry on

Screen Shot 001
Screen Shot 002
Screen Shot 003

How do I install it?
1. Download and install SuperKaramba if you haven't already done so. SuperKaramba version 0.21 or greater is required!
2. Download the latest kroller archive into a temporary directory (i.e. /tmp), and extract it.
3. Copy the kroller-vX.XX directory somewhere permanant (wherever you keep your SuperKaramba themes would be a good choice.)
4. Optionally copy kroller.conf to your home directory (into ~/.superkaramba/) and configure to your preferences.
5. Optionally edit kroller.theme and specify a default x and y position that makes sense on your system. 6. Run SuperKaramba and point to the kroller.theme file: superkaramba /usr/local/share/superkaramba/kroller-vX.XX/kroller.theme

All Versions:
Version 0.XX
kroller-v0.95.tar.gz   (249kb)
kroller-v0.94.tar.gz   (248.2kb)
kroller-v0.93b.tar.gz   (247.8kb)
kroller-v0.93.tar.gz   (247.8kb)
kroller-v0.92d.tar.gz   (246.4kb)
kroller-v0.92c.tar.gz   (255.5kb)
kroller-v0.92b.tar.gz   (254.9kb)
kroller-v0.91.tar.gz   (249.8kb)
kroller-v0.90.tar.gz   (248.1kb)
kroller-v0.89.tar.gz   (232.5kb)
kroller-v0.88.tar.gz   (232.3kb)
kroller-v0.85.tar.gz   (230.5kb)
kroller-v0.84.tar.gz   (209.4kb)
kroller-v0.80.tar.gz   (208.7kb)
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