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A Transparent SMTP Proxy for Passing Email Through DSPAM and ClamAV

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About DspamPD
DspamPD is a transparent smtp proxy that passes mail through DSPAM and/or ClamAV.  Full documentation is coming soon, in the meantime please email me if you want to use this but can't figure it out. It is actually fairly simple to get running. DSPAM Project
DspamPD is licensed under the GPL.

DspamPD Feature List:

  • Useful command line options :)
  • The majority of the configuration is done via a configuration file.
  • Well commented code
  • DspamPD has processed millions of email messages and has been extremly reliable.

Latest Stable Version: dspampd-v2.00-rc2.tar.gz   (29kb Jul 29th, 2005)   Changelog   Screen Shot

Kurt Keller sent in a version of dspampd-v2.00-rc1 with LOTS of great patches, many of which were eventually moved into the stable v2.00-rc2 release. Changelog includes:
  • Better smtp session handling (properly supports RSET and QUIT)
  • ClamAV can now be used with UNIX domain sockets
  • Config file options to specify trusted domains
    Download: dspampd-v2.00-rc1-with-patches-kurt-pinboard.tar.gz   (65 kb)

  • Mike Crowe sent in a version of dspampd with support for Razor: dspampd-v2.00-rc1-razor.tar.gz   (22 kb)


    1. Extract the dspampd-vX.XX.tar.gz package.
    2. Copy dspampd to a directory in your path. e.x. cp dspampd /usr/local/sbin/.
    3. Ensure executable bit is enabled for dspampd: chmod +x dspampd
    4. Move the configuration file, dspampd.conf, to /etc/, and edit it.
    5. Run dspampd and read the inline usage summary: dspampd --help
    6. Start it with something like: dspmapd -d

    Download Previous Releases

    dspampd-v2.00-rc2.tar.gz   (29kb Jul 29th, 2005)   Screen Shot
    dspampd-v2.00-rc1.tar.gz   (24.5kb Jun 17th, 2004)   Screen Shot
    dspampd-v1.01.gz   (15.7kb May 19th, 2004)   Screen Shot


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