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Guarantee Alert Delivery and Ensure Critical Commands are Successful

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About Alert Manager
Alert Manager was created to run a (alert) command, monitor the status of that command's output, and guarantee that if something goes wrong it won't go unnoticed. Alert Manager has been successfully deployed in several fortune 500 companies providing guaranteed alert delivery and command execution. It has a very flexable configuration file that allows creation of "alert chains" - chains of commands, each with their own fallback command, failure command, timeout, retry counter, and other advanced options. It has a method for passing messages from the command line into the various commands defined in the configuration file and many other useful features.
Alert Manager is licensed under the GPL.

Feature List:

  • Runs any system command (defined in configuration file) and has several methods for verifying that it executed successfully.
  • Logs all activity to a file.
  • Has a method to prevent infinite loops of failing commands.
  • Supports user definable variables in the configuration file that can be used later in that file.
  • Script returns error status to the system when an error occurs and logs a detailed message.
  • Verbose error messages to STDOUT if something goes wrong.
  • Multiple debugging levels.


Latest Release: alertManager-v1.10.tar.gz    (21kb Jul 8, 2014)    Changelog    Screen Shot

1. Extract the file: "tar -zxvf alertManager-vXXXX.tar.gz"
2. Go into the newly created directory: "cd alertManager-vXXXX"
3. Copy the script to a bin dir: "cp /usr/local/bin/"
4. Copy the sample configuration file to /etc: "cp alertManager.conf /etc/"
5. Edit the configuration file for your needs.
6. Run

Download Previous Releases

Version 1.1x
alertManager-v1.10.tar.gz   (21kb Jul 8, 2014)
Version 1.0x
alertManager-v1.00.tar.gz   (16kb May 24, 2007)
alertManager-v1.0-RC5.tar.gz   (17kb Jun 29, 2004)
alertManager-v1.0-RC4.tar.gz   (16kb Jan 29, 2003)
alertManager-v1.0-RC3.tar.gz   (16kb Oct 22, 2002)
alertManager-v1.0-RC2.tar.gz   (14kb Oct 17, 2002)
alertManager-v1.0-RC1.tar.gz   (13kb Oct 14, 2002)

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