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About Brandon Zehm

About Brandon
I'm a Linux user, php/perl software developer, entrepreneur, christian and mountain climber (not necessarily in that order). I'm 32 years old, single, live in Meridian Idaho and drive a sweet 2008 Lexus IS 250.

This website is horribly ancient. The look-and-feel was last updated in 1999, but it still serves as an ok landing page for a bunch of scripts I wrote years ago, so it's still here.

For fun
When I am not hacking code or trying to take over the world, I am outdoors - on the side of a mountain, hiking in the woods, climbing cliffs, or just taking a walk on the green-belt here in town. On several occasions I have ventured to the top of the highest mountain in Idaho, Mt. Borah. It's an intense but fun climb.
Of course I also spend a fair amount of time sitting in coffee shops and having a good time with friends :-)

For work
I'm the Director of Technology (and co-founder) at, where we make time tracking and labor management software.

Our typical customers are businesses with 5-500 employees who have book keepers tired of scrambling to get payroll out on time, freelancers who are frustrated with guessing how much time to bill at the end of the month, and even CEO's who are concerned about the accuracy of reported employee time.

We have a rock-star team and I have a blast building TSheets every day :)

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